Deadline: 03/07/2021  |  Published: 20/03/2021  |  Venue: SMALL HOUSE GALLERY  |  City: London and Online  |  Region: London  |  Country: United Kingdom  |  Eldi Dundee

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The deadline for this opportunity has passed, and no more submissions are being accepted. Click here to have a look at other opportunities listed on CuratorSpace.

Inviting submissions NOW for a SUMMER SHOW this AUGUST! Accepting submissions of miniature art works for a Summer Show across all 3 dollhouse galleries (maybe 4) in the Small House collection: Small House Gallery, Small House Two, Small House Cottage and maybe Small House Garage (if we still have access to it by then. TBC)

Who: Emerging and more established fine artists across all disciplines. Artists of underrepresented identities of any & all kinds are expressly welcome. Artists who work in miniature, want to depart from usual practice & experiment with small scale. Maquettes for large works welcome!


Charges: £3.00 via would help towards covering the costs of running Small House Gallery (ongoing physical maintenance - parts, supplies, labour, time, time for admin for submissions, curation & nurturing of shows from pre-start to finish). I didn't want to charge artists anything, but I have to for this show - a token amount of £3.00 feels fair. If you honestly can't pay that and want to submit work still, get in touch.

Details: The prospect of filling all 3 (or 4) Small House Galleries with a diverse array of works by different artists at different stages of their careers for a Micro Summer Show is very exciting.

Depending on how much work is submitted, and on the type of works, it could be that we show it all in Small House Gallery One, or the larger Small House Two, or across both houses, or it may extend into Small House Cottage which is even bigger (but less ‘white cube’ and more experimental) and if we still have Small House Garage by that time, we may show the miniature light installations, video  on cell phones (provided by the artist for the duration of the show and returned afterwards) or small scale sculpture,  on or around it, if we get enough submissions of that nature.

What we show will be up to you. Looking forward to seeing the artwork you’ll propose!

You can find more information (photos and updates) about Small House Cottage and Small House Garage, and about the entire project in general, on our website at  When you're ready to make your submission please come back here and apply via CuratorSpace.

Thanks for your interest and we hope to see your work in one of the Small Houses this summer for the Summer Open. And maybe at some point, for a solo show.





Contact the curator
Who is eligible for this opportunity?
Artists who work in miniature, or who want to show small scale versions of their larger works, or who want to depart from their usual practice and experiment with working to a smaller scale. This could be custom made works, assemblages of 'ready mades', etc.
When is the deadline?
3rd July 2021
How many works can I submit?
When is the delivery date?
17th July 2021

(We can't guarantee that works received after the cut off date would be able to be shown, as curation will have already begun by that point. If it's possible to incorporate them in without disrupting the process or progress of the show will be determined by the curator on a case by case basis. But you have been warned. Get it to us as early as you can!!)
When do I need to collect my work?
12th September 2021 (18:00 hrs latest)

(Please make sure to arrange for pick up by 6pm, 12th September. We will have taken the work down by the 1st September to free up the 2 - 4 houses for their September solo shows, and we really won’t have anywhere safe to store 20-50-100 artists’ individual works beyond that date, so we reserve the right to charge a storage fee of £2.00 per day for each day the work is left with us beyond the 12th, or if not paid, to keep it, sell it, give it away or dispose of it in any way we see fit. We’re not doing this to be mean, but to be practical, and to motivate you to collect your work. If you don’t want to arrange for pick up, or you know that you want us to dispose of the work and you won’t be charged, please tell us this before 6pm on the 12th September!)
How much does it cost?
£3.00 to submit up to 3 pieces of work.

(Please note this does not guarantee all 3, or any, of the works will be shown, but we will certainly try to show at least one work from each artist, and more if we can, so long as there's room, and the work is not completely inappropriate in terms of size or weight, or would cause damage the infrastructure of one of the houses, or is of an illegal nature, or constitutes a hate crime of some kind, or for any other reason for which it would be legally or ethically dodgy show it.)
What publicity will be provided as part of the opportunity?
There is no advertising budget, nor any reason for one. It will of course be shared on Small House Gallery's Facebook and Instagram pages, which you will be welcome to help promote among your own social networks and social media platforms, your own website and CV. Mainly it will spread via word of mouth, and random searches that lead people unexpectedly to this very small scale art gallery and curation project.

We went live on Instagram in September/October and have organically grown a following of almost 400 followers as of mid March. It may potentially continue to grow organically (maybe even virally) from there.

When all the participants share the show with their networks, you'll be providing word of mouth advertising on behalf of one another.
How do you decide on proposals?
It has to fit in the gallery and allow room for other participants' works.

We will not accept work that is oppressive, discriminatory or violent, or threatens violence or harassment towards any person(s) on account of their race, ethnicity, nationality, religion (or lack thereof), sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, neurotype, age, physical appearance, body size or shape, class, etc. (If you notice anything missing on that list, please get in touch).
What happens if my proposal is chosen?
Get the work to us safely by 17th JULY 2021 (preferably the week before!!)

(Whether we are able to accept works or incorporate them into the show if they are received after that cut off date will be at the sole discretion of the curator with decisions made on a case by case basis, and with the curatorial needs and constraints of the project paramount.)
What kind of proposals are you looking for?
Quirky, innovative, playful, surprising, smart, witty, compelling, visually and conceptually interesting, mind bending/stretching, awe inspiring, beautiful or not so beautiful, miniature expressions of art in any medium, that works well in the space and doesn't cause permanent damage to the structure or surfaces of the Small House Gallery 'buildings'.

Normally, we're a bit partial to 3D and 4D works right now: sculpture, mixed media, installation, assemblage, altered readymades, video and micro light installations, but we're wide open to all other mediums, especially as we're aiming to fill all 4 Small House houses with a wide array of work for walls and otherwise.

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