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Deadline: 15/11/2018  |  Published: 20/10/2018  |  City: London  |  Region: London  |  Country: United Kingdom  |  Abena Addo

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An Exciting Opportunity for an artist to test an idea, immerse themselves in their work, off or on site, and to enjoy the company and support of a fellow artist in the capital city. This particular residency is subsidised to bring about access to those who for reasons of current circumstances would otherwise be unable to participate in such an opportunity.

A two day respite from your every day life to immerse yourself in your art or craft and reflect upon your development, or to travel and visit museums/galleries, make links etc.

In a leafy South London Suburb, with access to lovely local parks, and accessible transport links to rest of the country, you can use part of the studio for your work, and personal development purposes.

Arriving on a Friday, you will enjoy the facilities at your leisure, and without a particular structure,until Sunday afternoon. On the stove, on Friday, will be a vegetarian meal, for you to consume at your leisure, and Saturday, continental breakfast will be available. You will organise your food arrangements for the remainder of the time.

You are welcome to make your own sleeping arrangements, or basic arrangements are provided for you here.

This opportunity is a very affordable choice aimed at those who need a change of scene, but whereby other options are unaffordable. This is an opportunity of which, owing to its low cost, there will be a limited amount.

In return, you will document your experience, not in the form of a review, but a kind of description of your thought process and/or work outcomes, also make connection on social media abenaartistaddo [Ins] or abena addo_artist [FB].

At this location, now taking bookings to avoid disappointment, now making arrangements til 15th Dec 2018.


£50 pounds

Deposit fifty pounds. Payment is due up to a week before arrival.

Deposit can be paid up to two days before.

Processing fee £5 pounds

Total payable in advance £105

Deposit will be returned upon the receipt of your write-up.

Please see my other opportunities to understand more behind what this project, is about. Thank you.


Contact the curator
Who is eligible for this opportunity?
Women of all ages and males up to twenty eight years.
When do I need to collect my work?
All work produced must be taken with the artist at the time of departure.
How much does it cost?
The cost is fifty pounds, plus five pounds processing fee, and a refundable deposit of fifty pounds.
Are there payments to artists?
No payments, but artists will have an evening meal of their arrival and a continental breakfast on the first morning, so will not have to provide that, which should enable the saving of some funds for something else.
Does the location have disabled access?
Unfortunately at this time, there is no disabled access, and the space is on the top floor of a three floor building.
What publicity will be provided as part of the opportunity?
No publicity is offered per se, but artists are asked to do a write-up, and this may be used for future publicity or archival purposes, if agreeable.
How do you decide on proposals?
Selection will be based upon the assessment of your need for the Incubator, in relation to your
intended aims, and the nature of what you want to do. Consideration of the 'liking' of your work in a 'taste' sense may not form the major part of the decision.
What happens if my proposal is chosen?
Once applications have been received, you will be contacted to make your deposit, and then once chosen, you will be contacted to discuss the dates, and other details, then you will pay your fee as per the information, and come along.
What kind of proposals are you looking for?
I don't want to be too prescreptive, so it is open to a variety of responses. It could be a new project, an aspect of an existing project. You could use the space as a base for work done externally, or be in the space the whole time [Without other outside people] it's your choice. You may have visitors, but not overly long, as I may also need access to the space, and this particular project is designed to incubate ideas.

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