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Deadline: 07/10/2021  |  Published: 06/09/2021  |  Jenna Fox

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Open call for WRITTEN submissions to Issue 18 of Haus-a-rest Zine and Social media for // The SHOCK issue //

In this issue we are exploring the shock factor in contemporary art. Throughout the ages shock has been used as a mechanism to engage and horrify the viewer and make them sit up and look.

From the use of blood and gore in 17th century paintings as a political statement or to show the prowess of the sitter or in the case of Michelangelo's fresco at the Sistine Chapel, of  the “Second Coming of Christ” the use of nude figures in such a holy place which so shocked the Catholic church that after Michelangelo’s death they had the genitalia painted over.

Fast forward to recent times and the WBA's work was a de rigour of shock installations - Marc Quinn's "Self" - using his blood to create a cast of his head, Emin’s, "My bed" (1999) and the multiple installations of the Chapman brothers who seek ways to create work that aims to shock. There are so many examples.

But, is this more than a movement as discussed by the philosopher Stephen Hicks "as the inevitable conclusion of trends", or  is it a much needed way to agitate and make the viewer think about key issues? Or is it created just because it can be?  Is the motivation frustration and a reflection of the zeitgeist  as with The Sex Pistols and Punk poets?

We want to know what you think.  Is shock art a tactic or a strategic game changer to push the viewer to consider issues in a different way? 

Could the use of shock cause the audience to turn off and tune out and reject the artist? Or will we look back on the use of shock as inspired?  Has this reached it's peak and where can an artist develop once they have shocked us to the core?

We want to read your thoughts, poems, prose,  ideas, and learn from your insight and challenge the reader!

You will need to submit:

1) A written piece of either 500 - 1000 words unless it is poem or prose, then this can be less

2) One optional image of yourself or something relevant to your piece  (please do not send us thumbnail images).

3) Your Bio, or a piece about who you are, why you write.

4) Your Instagram name so we can tag you.

5) If you with to join our mailing list

Your work will not be accepted if you do not provide all of the requested items. If accepted your work will be featured in the Zine, Instagram, and FB for a least one month, and very likely for several. We do not guarantee to keep your work listed after the issue has ended.

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