Written Submissions for Experimental Film Work

Deadline: 31/01/2022  |  Published: 05/01/2022  |  Region: Somerset  |  Country: United Kingdom  |  Fergus Haughton

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The deadline for this opportunity has passed, and no more submissions are being accepted. Click here to have a look at other opportunities listed on CuratorSpace.

Imagine a new continent has just been discovered by humans. It is the age of discovery: pre-industry, pre-technology, pre-political even. Those who have chosen to settle here have brought with them very little and must work with whatever they find. You are in a unique position to engage with the new settlers, speaking as you do from the future. What will you say to them?

This is an opportunity for anyone interested in writing about the inherited world. All accepted submissions will be used to stitch together a poetic 'patchwork' voiceover for an experimental film work. The work will address themes of the environment, of community and of modern magic, and will confront the unique facility of words and the human voice to engage with nature in a meaningful way. 


  • Please limit submissions to 100 words or less. Brevity is key: make your words count.
  • You could use any tone: advisory, congratulatory, cautionary etc. It could even be a question. But avoid addressing your words to any real-world demographic or making reference to any real places: this is a purely hypothetical situation.
  • Try to avoid total cynicism, unless it drives your point in an interesting way. 


  • I would encourage anonymous submissions, but I will of course credit those who prefer to be credited. 
  • I am just one person. I’m making a film with no budget and just a handful of ideas. So there is no money offered for submissions, nor any prizes. I will of course be grateful for every single submission received and will use as many as I can justify. Send something only if it intrigues you; do it because it stirs something within you.
  • When the film is finished, I’ll notify anyone who is interested. Just leave a note when you submit your text and I’ll add you to a mailing list. 


Contact the curator
Who is eligible for this opportunity?
Anyone can submit.
When is the deadline?
31st January 2022.
How many works can I submit?
One submission per person.
When is the delivery date?
The same as the deadline: 31st January 2022.
How much does it cost?
Submissions are free.
Are there payments to artists?
There is no budget for this film and as such no money for submissions.
How do you decide on proposals?
The length of the final film will depend upon how many submissions are received. All efforts will be made to include as many of the texts as possible.
What happens if my proposal is chosen?
Your text submission will be recorded by an actor and included as part of the voiceover for the finished film. If you have requested a credit, your name will appear at the end of the film. If you have requested a link to the finished film, you will be sent a link. If the film is exhibited near you, all efforts will be made to notify those who participate.
What kind of proposals are you looking for?
Your text submission should be passionate, wise, clear, fearless, incisive, dedicated, succinct, penetrating. Above all, it should be YOU.
What are the selection criteria?
Make it real; make it raw: it will be accepted.

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