This is a list of useful resources for artists and curators. If you have anything you think should be in this list please email us at

Health and Wellbeing

Contract of Self Care

Luminara Florescu

This toolkit supports a best practice model for artists who have a social practice as well as the participating members of the public involved in their projects. It explores ways of working as a social practice artist that are sustainable for artists, including those with physical and mental health disabilities. Funded by a-n Artist Bursary 2021 TIME, SPACE, MONEY.

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Artist Pay

Artist Rates of Pay

Artist Union England

A guide to help artists and their employers in England to determine fair pay for artists' labour.

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Funding library

The White Pube

This library is a resource of successful funding applications that you can learn from to write your own bids. It also includes links to other resources such as application templates and crib sheets.

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Health and Wellbeing

Leeds Arts Health and Wellbeing Network

A network to champion, support and connect people interested in how arts and culture can have benefits for health, care and wellbeing in the Leeds City Region. Focus on Place-Based Arts and Health, Creative Ageing, Creativity Wellbeing, Creativity Workforce Wellbeing. Regional and general resources available.

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Visual Arts Policy

Contemporary Visual Arts Network England

CVAN England leads a collective agenda for policy change across the visual arts. They campaign to be heard, valued, and recognised so that the sector can thrive now and in the future. Links to nine regional networks across England.

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Disability Arts

Shape Arts

Shape Arts is a disability-led arts organisation which works to improve access to culture for disabled people by providing opportunities for disabled artists, training cultural institutions to be more open to disabled people, and through running participatory arts and development programmes.

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