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    Calligraphy Workshop

      The Quaker tapestry Museum  |    Workshop  |    05/07/2024  |    Nancy Gray

    Learn how to write gorgeously swirly modern calligraphy with your tutor Claire Gould, of ‘By Moon & Tide’. You’ll have fun getting to grips with a dip pen and copperplate nib in this friendly and relaxed calligraphy workshop. From initial scratches and swirls you’ll soon be learning how to write beautiful letters, all in the space of a couple of hours!

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    Summer Meadow Wool Painting - Create your own artwork - Learn Wet Felting

      Bardsey Arts Studio  |    Workshop  |    20/07/2024  |    Katy Small

    10am-3pm: Learn how to create your own unique wool painting artwork using the ancient craft of Wet Felting: Katy, your tutor will teach you the basics of wet felting: Free parking: Materials, equipment & instruction included. Goody bag: Tea, coffee, cake available. Beautiful, bright studio space overlooking Yorkshire countryside: £65.00:

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    Botanical Painting Workshop

      Daylesford Farmshop  |    Workshop  |    27/06/2024  |    Katie Lenegan

    This unique botanical watercolour painting workshop lets you be immersed in nature as you spend a whole day in the heart of our Market Garden. Guided by experienced artist Katie Lenegan, you will learn how to explore expressive drawing techniques and use line, tone and colour to create experimental paintings.

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    Studio Open Day

      45  |    Exhibition  |    29/06/2024  |    Amina Sly-Khan

    A.S.K Garden Studio & The Pottery Shack is hosting its 7th annual open day on Saturday 29th June 11am - 4pm.

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    Bonsall Art Trail

      Bonsall Village  |    Festival  |    29/06/2024 to 30/06/2024  |    Bonsall Arts Trail

    Bonsall Art Trail is a new arts trail located in the village of Bonsall on the edge of the peak district. As a curated trail we aim to showcase the work of talented established and new artists and makers who want to exhibit and sell their work. The trail is over the weekend of 29th and 30th June 2024. Please take a look at our opportunity on CuratorSpace to apply.

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    We Carry It With Us

      Workshop  |    27/03/2024 to 30/06/2024  |    Jeremy Abrahams

    I'm looking for people willing to be photographed for a photographic portrait project visualising the impact of childhood bullying on adult life.

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    Artizan Women's Open Exhibition

      Artizan Collective  |    Exhibition  |    19/05/2024 to 30/06/2024  |    Artizan Gallery

    Continuing the conversation as we revisit our Women's Open Exhibition for a second year.

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    6th Community Art Exhibition

      Circular ArtSpace  |    Exhibition  |    08/06/2024 to 30/06/2024  |    Circular ArtSpace

    A new group show in y/our refurb art/bus community art gallery in Fishponds, Bristol!

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    Glasshouses & Greenery: An Art Exhibition by Cat Barrett

      Ilkley Arts Studio  |    Exhibition  |    29/06/2024 to 30/06/2024  |    Ilkley Arts

    Explore the captivating exhibition Glasshouses & Greenery by local artist Cat Barrett at the Ilkley Arts Studio. Cat, known for her love of glasshouses, greenery, and nature, uses vibrant watercolours and acrylic inks to bring botanical beauty to life.

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    ‘Memory, Mud, Mind’: Walk, Talk & Workshop, As Old as the Hills

      Avalon Marshes Centre  |    Workshop  |    06/07/2024  |    Fiona Campbell

    All-day intergenerational workshop: river walk in Avalon Marshes, talk by Dr Richard Brunning, and co-creation of artworks led by artists Duncan Cameron, David Kefford & Richard Tomlinson. For age 6 upwards. Collecting natural/man-made natural/man-made river debris, photography, conversations, audio recordings, casting, making collective sculptural work with artists.

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    18th Community Art Exhibition in Virtual Reality

      Exhibition  |    21/06/2024 to 18/07/2024  |    Circular ArtSpace

    A new Art Exhibition in Virtual Reality.

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    Curious Creatives retreat

      Workshop  |    15/07/2024 to 19/07/2024  |    Caroline Casswell

    An exciting opportunity to immerse oneself for 3 full days, in an inspiring location, and learn a variety of new skills, and join a group making mosaics

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    Contemporary British Printmakers On The English Riviera

      Artizan Gallery  |    Exhibition  |    20/06/2024 to 03/08/2024  |    Artizan Gallery

    Bringing A Piece of Delamore Arts to the English Riviera!

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    The Lie of The Land

      The Whitaker Museum and Art Gallery,  |    Exhibition  |    30/05/2024 to 18/08/2024  |    Carolyn Curtis Magri

    An exhibition of works by Carolyn Curtis Magri and Deirdre Kelly, wandering pathways, tracing trajectories point to point, exploring isotherms, unfolding narratives with global threads.

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    Chapel Allerton Arts Trail

      Venues across Chapel Allerton  |    Art walk  |    17/08/2024 to 18/08/2024  |    Lo Whitehead Art

    Chapel Allerton Artists invite you into their homes and studio spaces for the 2024 Chapel Allerton Arts Trail, on the 17 and 18 August from 11-5pm.

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