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    Meet the artist

      Southwell Workhouse  |    Exhibition  |    02/08/2023  |    Kitch - n - Stitch

    Meet the artist session. Identity exhibition at Southwell Workhouse.

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    CGS Discovery Day at The Hepworth Wakefield

      The Hepworth Wakefield  |    Symposium  |    17/06/2023  |    Contemporary Glass Society (CGS)

    At the Discovery Day explore and meet an amazing melange of glass artists talking about their work and life as contemporary glass artists.

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    collective A Visible THREAD

      Fine Foundation Gallery, Durlston Castle, Durlston Country Park  |    Exhibition  |    16/05/2023 to 07/06/2023  |    Oliver Bliss

    seam collective presents A Visible THREAD; an exhibition which explores the visibility and invisibility of thread at the Fine Foundation Gallery, and a range of artist-led events in the gallery, see the timetable below. Through their unique perspectives and a diverse range of textile disciplines, eleven seam artists have created new works to stimulate thought, connection and conversation.

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    North Yorkshire Open Studios 23

      Jersey Barn  |    Exhibition  |    10/06/2023 to 11/06/2023  |    Wendy Tate

    NYOS 23 runs over 2 weekends showcasing artists from around the region, many in their own studios. It's a great opportunity to see the artists surroundings and working practices, meet them and buy some fantastic art. I will be exhibiting alongside Rob Moore in our studio, here in Irton, where we also have a printmaking workshop which will also be open to view.

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    The Time of Her Life III

      The House of Smalls  |    Exhibition  |    27/05/2023 to 24/06/2023  |    The House of Smalls

    The Time of Her Life III is the third show in The House of Smalls Chipping Campden gallery and the third annual exhibition of the same name.

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    A Celebration of Torquay

      Artizan Collective  |    Exhibition  |    20/05/2023 to 25/06/2023  |    Artizan Gallery

    The Artizan Collective Gallery is excited to present "A Celebration of Torquay," a solo exhibition featuring the works of renowned artist Martin Dutton SWAc.

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    Curious Creatives retreat

      Workshop  |    17/07/2023 to 21/07/2023  |    Caroline Casswell

    An exciting opportunity to immerse oneself for 3 full days, in an inspiring location, and learn a variety of new skills, and discover how versatile polymer clay can be.

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    Ensemble exhibition

      The Landing, The Atkinson, Southport  |    Exhibition  |    24/06/2023 to 22/07/2023  |    Ali Barker

    Solo exhibition of paintings by Ali Barker. Her work expresses music and sound in colour, inspired by her experiences of the phenomenon of sound-colour synaesthesia – when listening to music, she perceives notes of the musical scale as specific colours. Ensemble brings together a selection of works made over the last few years with new paintings made for this exhibition.

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    Through the Looking Glass online workshop

      Online  |    Workshop  |    09/05/2023 to 27/07/2023  |    Silvia Gentili

    A 6 sessions online workshop on self-portraiture, If you are interested in the body as space, movement, dance, sound and text, this is for you. It will focus on the evolution of the use of the body and self-portraiture in visual arts and performance practice.

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    Claire-Louise Pitman: Back to nature

      No 1 West Street  |    Exhibition  |    24/07/2023 to 29/07/2023  |    Claire-louise Pitman

    An exhibition showing the amazing detail nature has to offer us visually and mentally using alternative photography.

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    Nature's Narrative? Exhibition

      Stanwick Lakes Nature Reserve  |    Exhibition  |    16/06/2023 to 27/08/2023  |    Ange Mullins

    A solo exhibition of printed works by Ange Mullins.

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    Expressions of Nature Sculpture Exhibition at Sussex Prairie Garden in West Sussex

      Sussex Prairies (Sussex Prairie Garden)  |    Exhibition  |    01/06/2023 to 15/10/2023  |    Gabrielle Argent Glass Designs

    The Sussex Prairies is approx. 8 acres planted in the naturalistic style using 60,000 plants and over 1,600 different varieties. It is a colourful garden with views of the South Downs. The sculpture exhibition is being curated by Gabrielle Argent of The Glass Garden. The collection of sculptures will feature many styles and materials.

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    Cultivate presents Mixtape No.1

      On line via Organ magazine  |    Exhibition  |    18/10/2022 to 31/10/2023  |    Cultivate

    Mixtape No.1 - Another maximalist on-line group show from Cultivate. 40 pro-active artists from all over the land and indeed the globe, over 200 pieces of art to explore along with that vital list of links so you can go explore and find out more about the art and artists that catch your eye.

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    Pop Up Art Path - Winter

      Exhibition  |    29/12/2022 to 31/12/2023  |    Lita Doolan

    See fresh Art from 7 international digital Artists on an accessible platform. The artwork seeks to connect in a contemporary world.

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    Cultivate presents Mixtape No.3 - a maxilmalist group show

      Cultivate Gallery  |    Exhibition  |    18/02/2023 to 07/02/2024  |    Cultivate

    Mixtape No.3, our latest carefully curated maximalist artist-led Cultivate Gallery group exhibition, has just opened, online once again and hosted once more on Cultivate's sister website, Organ.

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