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    Introduction to Lino Print workshop

      The Quaker tapestry Museum  |    Workshop  |    12/04/2024  |    Nancy Gray

    Come along and spent a great, creative day learning the technique of lino printing with local artist Sue Rowland. Sue will teach you how to create your own original design and to use the different lino tools to cut the lino plate. Sue will then help you to print your own small edition of fabulous prints to take away with you!

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    Book Illustration for adults workshop

      The Quaker tapestry Museum  |    Workshop  |    09/03/2024  |    Nancy Gray

    You will be guided through making a series of simple books exploring visual narratives, character development and the interplay of text and imagery.

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      The Quaker tapestry Museum  |    Workshop  |    25/05/2024  |    Nancy Gray

    Do you have a collection of natural treasures that you’d like to use in your work but are not sure how? This workshop will explore ways of combining fabrics, found objects, natural treasures such as feathers and shells and hand embroidery to create beautiful mini hangings.

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    Wet Felting Workshop: Spring / Summer - Create your own wool painting:

      Bardsey Arts Studio  |    Workshop  |    18/05/2024 to 02/03/2024  |    Katy Small

    10am-3pm: Learn how to create your own unique wool painting artwork using the ancient craft of Wet Felting: Katy, your tutor will teach you the basics of wet felting: Easter/Mothers Day: Free parking: Materials, equipment & instruction included. Goody bag: Tea, coffee, cake available. Beautiful, bright studio space overlooking Yorkshire countryside: £65.00:

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    Beyond The Words

      Making Space Gallery  |    Exhibition  |    01/03/2024 to 03/03/2024  |    Celestine Thomas

    Explore the enchanting worlds of ‘Beyond the Words,' where Celestine invites you to discover scenes and landscapes from children's books, transcending linguistic boundaries through a universal language of colour and unlocking the door to imaginary realms.

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    CGS Spring Awaits

      On line show  |    Exhibition  |    17/01/2024 to 04/03/2024  |    Contemporary Glass Society (CGS)

    CGS first 2024 Online Exhibition Spring Awaits.... From 15th January 2024 A new year is upon us, and we start to look forward to longer days, light breezes and the sunny days of Spring.

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    Artizan Studio Artists

      Artizan Collective  |    Exhibition  |    24/02/2024 to 17/03/2024  |    Artizan Gallery

    Introducing Ian Cox, William Mills, Claire Harmer and Olya Baklan

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    Let Us See You Exhibition - APS Gallery Edition

      Aire Place Studios  |    Exhibition  |    23/02/2024 to 22/03/2024  |    Aire Place Studios

    Showcasing Leeds Talent at APS Gallery!

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    We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order To Live: Works of Sue Vaughton

      Artizan Gallery  |    Exhibition  |    12/03/2024 to 30/03/2024  |    Artizan Gallery

    Artizan Gallery are delighted to welcome photographer Sue Vaughton to the gallery in March where we shall be curating a particularly intimate and personal exhibition of her works in our Basement Gallery.

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    Let Us See You Exhibition - Left Bank Leeds Edition

      Left Bank Leeds  |    Exhibition  |    06/03/2024 to 30/03/2024  |    Aire Place Studios

    Showcasing Leeds Talent at Left Bank Leeds!

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    GUNA: Views and voices of women

      City Screen Picturehouse  |    Exhibition  |    10/03/2024 to 06/04/2024  |    Navigators Art & Performance

    GUNA is a version of the ancient Greek word for 'woman' and the work on show explores, promotes and celebrates the creativity of women through the work of emerging and established local artists.

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    Wet Felting Workshop - Spring Meadow: Create your own wool painting:

      Bardsey Arts Studio  |    Workshop  |    06/04/2024  |    Katy Small

    10am - 3pm: Learn how to create a wool painting using the ancient craft of Wet Felting: Katy, your tutor will teach you the basics of wet felting your first felted picture: Create a unique artwork: Easter / Mothers Day: Free parking: All materials, equipment and instruction included. Tea, coffee, cake available. Beautiful, bright studio space overlooking wonderful Yorkshire countryside: £65.00

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    The Great Paignton Paint Out - Legacy Exhibition

      Artizan Collective  |    Exhibition  |    24/03/2024 to 21/04/2024  |    Artizan Gallery

    Celebrating a Creative Paignton - Part of Wide Open

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    Collective Creativity

      The Atrium Gallery  |    Exhibition  |    10/02/2024 to 26/04/2024  |    Aire Place Studios

    Highlighting Leeds Artists!

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    Snippets of Time

      The Station, Richmond  |    Exhibition  |    09/05/2024 to 22/05/2024  |    Christine Hughes

    Snippets of Time is a collaboration between 3 artists; Isobel Rooke, Christine Hughes and Hannah Turlington, whose identities as artists coexist with that of being an artist.

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